Leona Graham


Absolute Radio

Mondays – Fridays 10am-1pm

For additional shows check the Facebook page.


Absolute Classic Rock

Mondays – Fridays 1-4pm

It’s only rock n roll, but I know you’ll like it! Request your Haven’t Heard it For Ages tracks here 

Sunday 9-11pm – Forgotten Rock

2 hours of sublime rock not often heard outside of your own record collection. Special features include Epic Track of the Week, as the name suggests something “epic” and usually long. Double Trouble, 2 songs by the same artist. Live tracks of the week. See the Forgotten Rock page for weekly updates.


Absolute 80s

Mondays-Fridays 4-8pm Hometime Show

Saturdays 4-6pm, Sundays 2-4pm

Ah the 80s. Did you want your MTV, wish your life was written by John Hughes and want John Cusack outside your window with a boombox? Well I’ll take you back there every week night with the ultimate 80s sound track.